Thursday, July 1, 2010

Independence Day at Shaanika!

My roommate, Jen, is Canadian, and today was Canada Day. With the proximity to the 4th of July, our Indepence Day, we decided to bring an Independence Day celebration to Shaanika Nashilongo! It was FANTASTIC.

Jen and I woke up and got decked out in our patriotic attire (red and white for her, red, white and blue for me). Conveniently, Jen bought some face paint. So...we painted our faces with stars and stripes to represent Canada and the USA. We looked ridiculous and awesome.

The learners were confused and excited when we came to school, and the teachers in the staff room were ready to get decorated! Jen celebrated Canada Day last year, and so they knew it was coming. We painted most of the teacher's faces, and Jen even had Canada tattoos! It was fun to see them all get so into it! This culture just does not hold back and embraces everything. No one seems to care what other people think of them, or if they look silly. Lots of photos were taken, and hope to be able to have fast enough Internet to post them soon!

We also bought a bunch of sweets and snacks to share during break time. It was great to share about our holidays and bring a bit of home to Namibia! For those of you celebrating in the USA and reading...enjoy the fireworks, BBQ, beer, and sun on my behalf. Missing all of you and the good ol' U S of A!

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