Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Email Accounts and Messages

The last couple of weeks I have worked to set up email addresses for the teachers that do not yet have them. I’m have signed up 10 total, and it has hands down been one of the highlights of my experience. It is pretty unreal to watch someone receive their very first email – the excitement, shock, and smiles can hardly be contained! They are astonished by the speed with which you can send and receive an email, and how much fun it can be.

So what is even more fun than watching them receive their first email? Being the first one to send that inaugural message, and to be the first person they send an email to. I have saved the emails they have sent me as they are priceless.

I have posted them below (no editing) in case you are interested in reading them! The message from Mr. Kamati, the principal, was extremely touching and brought tears to my eyes.

In addition, my mom requested a pen pal from Namibia! This is an amazing idea and I wish I had thought of this sooner. Now that they have email, they all need more people to write to! I set her up with Ms. Mufwinda and she was ecstatic. So excited to send and receive emails from someone in the USA. If you are interested and read this soon, let me know and I can try to set you up with a teacher here at Shaanika.

First emails ever sent by the teachers:

Ms. Mufwinda:

Hi Dana. i m so excited to use my email for the first time and especially with you.This is great. I love it. Thanks a lot Dana.

Ms. Uushona:

Thank u Ms Dana for assissting me on how to sent an E-mail.
I will enjoy it.Thank u once more.Ok.

Mr. Hamatumwa:

Am really excited to have ma lovely e-mail. we will keep in touch yaaaaaaah.

Mrs. Kamati:

It mazing to met u around and connect us to world wide tecnology. Almigth God bless u ever .Will miss u alot !!!

Mr. Kamati:

It will take our school community so millions of words and countless thoughts to express our sincere gratitude over the services rendered both to our learners and teachers while with us just over a period of almost two moths. Your servises contributions has indeed made a great and tangible impact to the targeted group. I am so happy that you have attained your goal in the light that all our teaching staff have acquired some basic computer skills. Your departure will be surelry another vacuum in our journery for ICT learning and we will miss you.

But however , though leaving , you have made an unerassable record in the persuit of ICT adventure and teaching and leaning in general, in our lovely institution.So, God bless and be ahead of your trip back to Portland-USA.

With sincere appreciatios

Mr. E.I.Kamati : Head master

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